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Fort Meade Chamber Membership Form

Please complete the information below, which will be emailed to the Chamber.  If Billing address is different from physical address please include in Address Line 2 below.

Chamber membership is allocated according to schedule below and Dunn & Bradstreet information. Send check to Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce, P O Box 91, Fort Meade, FL 33841. In Check MEMO space, notate MEMBERSHIP. 

$25            Red - Booster (no business listing on the web site or in director, cannot vote or hold office)

$75            Blue - Non-Profit/Public Schools

$125          Bronze - Small Business/Government/1-9 employees

$150     Silver - Professionals/Accountants/Attorneys/Physicians/ Dentists/Real Estate

$200          Gold - Higher Education/25-49 employees

$300          Platinum - Financial/50-100 employees

$400          Titanium - Industrial/Manufacturing/Hospital/101+  employees

Thank you for being a part of the Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce. We are your business advocate!

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